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Dirk Krüger, Editor

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New Content Item​​​​​​​Dirk studied biomedical engineering, education and religious studies at the Braunschweig Institute of Technology, Germany, the University of Sydney, Australia and King’s College London, UK . As a PhD student, he worked on positive contrast MRI sequences to be used with novel iron-based nanoparticles for cancer imaging.

Dirk became interested in a career in publishing with internships in publishing at Springer Verlag and joined BioMed Central in 2015 as Editor for the BMC series.

Since June 2016, Dirk has been the Editor of BMC Research Notes. He led the strategy for the refocused BMC Research Notes which operates under a new scope and direction since February 2017.

Dirk is passionate about open access publishing with a particular interest in helping researchers making their dark data available. At Springer Nature, Dirk is involved in the development of data services and products that will help researchers with making their data sharing FAIRer.

His vision for BMC Research Notes is that of a progressive open access journal, a place for scholarly innovations, where researchers can publish short notes across all scientific disciplines irrespective of interest or impact.

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