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Questions about data notes?

BMC Research Notes is proud to have launched data notes as a way for authors to publish citable articles that describe their research data, allowing researchers to make their data findable and accessible - and get credit for doing so.

Nevertheless, we realise that for many, publishing descriptions of accessible data without research findings is a new and unfamiliar process. 

Hence we decided to open this query form. Here potential authors can check whether the data they have or will have can be published as a data note, what they might need to think about before submitting, or any other questions they might have.

This form is purely for questions around data notes in BMC Research Notes: for questions around the journal in general, please contact editorial, and for general research data queries, please contact the research data helpdesk.

Enter your query below, with as much information as you can provide. A member of journal Editorial will be in touch within 1-2 working days.

If you already have data or datasets deposited in a repository, let us know, as this will help us with our response. If your data are deposited, please also include the link or accession numbers in the box below,

Have you already deposited data that you would like to describe via a data note?

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