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Table 3 Genes involved in the Biological Process of the up-regulated genes

From: Genetic profile of Egyptian hepatocellular-carcinoma associated with hepatitis C virus Genotype 4 by 15 K cDNA microarray: Preliminary study

Biological Process Gene No. Gene Name
Transcription 22 PWP1, ZNF202, SIN3A, CRSP3, SUD33, CDK7, BCOR, RNF2, ZNF77, SND1, SOX30, PHD finger protein 3, NOTCH4, CBX3, MNAT1, MAF, RXRA, TEAD3, SMAD6, MYC Binding protein 2 and SP11O
Regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 17 SMAD6, CBX3, RNF2, SND1, ARNT, SPEN, TEAD3, PHF3, LOC643641, MYCBP2, SP110, SUDS3, ZNF77, ZNF202, RXRA, MAF
Biological process unknown 9 FETUB, UBQLN4, SURF5, PRCC, HSD17B1, ZNF77, BTBD1, SIPAILI, RXR4
Proteolysis 8 TMPRSS4, ADAMTS7, MMP23B, AZU1, PGM5P1, SPPL2B, ICEBERFG (caspase-1 inhibitor), GZMK
Protein amino acid phosphorylation 7 MAP4K4, CDK7, DYRK2, SYK, FGFR1, MARK4, RIPK2 (down regulate TLR 2/3/4, IL1 and IL8 receptor
Transcription from RNA polymerase II Promotor 6 TCEA1, TEAD3, MNAT1, SOX30, CRSP3
Intracellular signaling cascade 6 SH2B3, MCF2L, SYK, Rho GTPase activating protein, CAPS, CHN1
Ubiquity cycle 6 OTUB2, MYCBP2, CBLB, FBO31, CDC23, VPS8
Signal transduction 6 ARNT, RXRA, GAS6, TNFSF13B, ADORA1, RIPK2
Cell proliferation 6 CDK7, MNAT1, SYK, CSE1L, GAS6, TNFSF13B
Metabolism 5 QDPR, ATP2C1, HSD17B1, GSTM4, ECHS1