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Table 7 Genes involved in the molecular function of the down regulated genes

From: Genetic profile of Egyptian hepatocellular-carcinoma associated with hepatitis C virus Genotype 4 by 15 K cDNA microarray: Preliminary study

Molecular Function Gene No. Gene Name
Protein Binding 14 PRPF6, SPINK1, RAD21, NRXN2, RNF34, CORO2A, TALD01, PTTG1, NAGK, VPS35, ISGF3G, TTGAV, HOMER3, DMXL1,
Transferase activity 9 NDST2, GSTA2, OAS2, FGR, TALDO1, NAGK, FTCD, NAT10, MAGI1,
Metal ion binding 9 ZSWIM1, THAP4, RNF34, ZNF644, ZC3H7B, ISGF3G, KLF6, IMPDH2, SP4
Zinc ion binding 8 ZC3H7B, ZNF644, KLF6, ISGF3G, RNF34, THAP4, SP4, ZSWIM1
Nucleotide binding 8 NAT10, MYH8, MAGI1, NAGK, APRL1, FGR, A2BP1, CUGBP2
Molecular Function unknown 8 ARPP-21, C9ORF156, KLF6, NAT10, PTTG1, TMEPA1, GLSCR2, TOMM40
Calcium ion binding 7 CANX, EFCAB2, FGEQ, THBD, ITGAV, FGG, SLIT2
ATP binding 7 NAT10, MGC16169, MYH8, MAGI1, NAGK, FGR, OAS2
Transcription factor activity 5 HSF4, VENTX, ISGF3G, PTTG1, AVIAN
Nucleic acid binding 4 ZC3H7B, ARPP-21, KLF6, A2BP1
DNA binding 4 ZNF644, KLF6, THAP4, SP4
  1. Other important genes interleukin-8 binding protein, alph-2 macroglobulin and RPSSS12