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Table 2 Genes Involved in strain-specific insertions.

From: Analysis of the genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains by multiple genome alignments

Position Size Genes Involved
3551227–3552586 1359 Intergenic region between Rv3185 (Probable transposase) and Rv3188 (Hypothetical protein)
13627–14986 1359 Insertion of the IS6110 element between Rv0010c (Probable conserved membrane protein) and Rv0011c (Hypothetical protein)
1989343–1990797 1437 Insertion of the IS6110 element on the ipl locus
804474–804691 217 Intergenic region between rplW (50S ribosomal protein L23) and rplB (50S ribosomal protein L2)
2341782–2341840 58 MT2144 (Hypothetical protein)
934662–936021 1359 IS6110 insertion in intergenic region between hypothetical proteins TBFG_10851 and TBFG_10853
1945992–1947351 1359 IS6110 insertion in Rv1724c (Hypothetical protein)
1992354–1993713 1359 IS6110 insertion in cut1 (Probable cutinase)
1997360–1998719 1359 IS6110 insertion in intergenic region between wag22 (PE-PGRS) and Rv1760 (Hypothetical protein)
2004182–2005541 1359 IS6110 insertion in intergenic region between hypothetical proteins Rv1765c and Rv1766
2017862–2019221 1359 IS6110 insertion in cyp144 (Cytochome P450)
2270442–2271801 1359 IS6110 insertion in Rv2015c (Hypothetical protein)
2349289–2350648 1359 Intergenic region between Rv2077c (Possible conserved transmembrane protein) – Rv2078 (Hypothetical protein)
2697325–2698684 1359 IS6110 insertion in Rv2390c (Hypothetical protein)
3492136–3493495 1359 IS6110 insertion in Rv3113 (Probable phosphatase)
3564263–3565622 1359 IS6110 insertion in intergenic region between Rv3183 (Possible transcriptional regulatory protein) – TBFG_13208 (Conserved hypothetical protein)
3831596–3831772 176 Intergenic region between Rv3401 (Hypothetical protein) and Rv3402c (Hypothetical protein)
3853062–3860408 2394 TBFG_13461 (Hypothetical protein) – TBFG_13462 (Hypothetical protein) – TBFG_13463 (Hypothetical protein) – TBFG_134614 (Probable Transposase) – Intergenic region
1071617–1072976 1359 IS6110 insertion in Rv0963c (Conserved hypothetical protein)
1714841–1716200 1359 IS6110 insertion in mmpl12 (Transmembrane protein)
1834511–1834569 58 Rv1637c (Hypothetical protein)
1973210–1973436 226 PPE24
2606037–2607396 1359 IS6110 insertion in Rv2336 (Hypothetical protein)
4144939–4144997 58 leuA (2-isopropylmalate synthase)
4088473–4088705 232 Rv3680 (Probable anion transporter ATPase)
  1. Gene names are according to Tuberculist when homologous to MTB H37Rv, if not, genes are named according to the annotation of the respective genome.