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Figure 2

From: Cloning, expression and location of RNase9 in human epididymis

Figure 2

The cDNA and amino acid sequences of human RNase9 . The open reading frame contains 618 bp and encodes a 205-amino acid protein. The initial and terminal codons are boxed. The protein contains a putative signal peptide with a cleavage site between L23 (star) and V24. Predicted N-glycosylation sites (at N131 and N143; underscored), casein kinase II phosphorylation sites, (T31DFD and T181IND; circled), N-myristoylation sites (G74MPLNH, G126IRKCN, and G135LVEGV; solid triangles), and a tyrosine kinase phosphorylation site (KGLVEGVY141, open triangles) are shown. The location of the putative Big-1 domain (L23VQFQ; star) and the pancreatic ribonuclease (shaded) also are shown.

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