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Table 1 Primers used for sequencing and genotyping

From: Mapping of the spontaneous deletion in the Ap3d1 gene of mocha mice: fast and reliable genotyping

Primer Sequence Start End
Mocha F1 5'- CCT CAA GCC CGT CAG AAG- 3' 5322 5339
Intron1 F 5'- TTG AAC TCG GAG ACA TCC TCT GC- 3' 5616 5638
Mocha F2 5'- CTG GGT GGC ATT TAG TTA CTT GAG GC- 3' 7790 7815
Mocha R1 5'- CTT CTG GGC TGG CTG GAT GTA AG- 3' 15485 15507
Intron7 R 5'- CCA ATA CCA ACC AAC CAA CAA CC- 3' 17473 17495
Mocha R2 5'- TGA CAT TAA CAG CCG CAG AC- 3' 18391 18410
Genotyping primers
Mocha F 5'- CCT GCT TCT GAG TGC TTG GG- 3' 6193 6212
WT F 5'- GGC TGC TTC TGG ACT GTT CG- 3' 17006 17025
Common R 5'- CTT CTC CAC CCT CTT TCC ACC C- 3' 17661 17682
  1. List of the forward (F) and reverse (R) primers used for the sequencing of the deletion and for the developed genotyping protocol (the last three primers). "Start" and "End" numbering corresponds to the full length sequence of the Ap3d1 gene.