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Table 2 SNPs concordant with the polled trait in the Holstein panel.1

From: Single nucleotide polymorphisms concordant with the horned/polled trait in Holsteins

Gene SNP Name SNP Alleles SNP Type NCBI dbSNP
IFNAR2 bCLCVS1_TC_238 C (polled)
T (horned)
intron ss105143724
SYNJ1 bSYNJ1_CT_271 T (polled)
C (horned)
intron ss105143725
SYNJ1 bSYNJ1_CT_131 T (polled)
C (horned)
intron ss105143726
SYNJ1 bSYNJ1_AG_244 G (polled)
A (horned)
intron ss105143727
SYNJ1 bSYNJ1_C3981T T (polled)
C (horned)
3'UTR ss105143728
n/a bCLF1O1_GA_193 A (polled)
G (horned)
inter-genic ss105143729
C21orf59 bC2159_C-193T T (polled)
C (horned)
5'UTR ss105143730
C21orf59 bC2159_T372C C (polled)
T (horned)
synonymous ss105143731
C21orf63 bC2163_AG_454 G (polled)
A (horned)
intron ss105143732
C21orf63 bC2163_GA_333 A (polled)
G (horned)
intron ss105143733
C21orf63 bC2163_GA_252 G (polled)
A (horned)
intron ss105143734
C21orf63 bC2163_AC_126 A (polled)
C (horned)
intron ss105143735
C21orf63 bC2163_CT_145 C (polled)
T (horned)
intron ss105143736
  1. 1SNP alleles concordant with the polled trait are listed. SNP Type is the location within a gene (intron, 5' or 3'UTR, synonymous = no amino acid change) or between genes (inter-genic).