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Table 1 Networks generated from IPA for differentially expressed genes in the Pkd1L3/L3 mice at PNW 1a

From: Gene expression in early and progression phases of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Network ID Genes in network Score # of Focus Genes Top categories
1 ↓ABCG2, ↑ALDH1A1, ↓CTSL2, ↓F13B, ↓GATM, ↓IDH1, ↑IL17RB, ↓KLK3, ↓KLK1 (includes EG:16612), ↓KLK1, ↓KLK1B9, ↓KLK1B26, ↓PAH, ↑VWF 36 14 Cardiovascular System Development and Function, Gene Expression, Cell Morphology
2 ↓ACSS1, ↓EGFR, ↑ KRT18, ↓SLC2A2 7 4 Gene Expression, Cell Cycle, Cell Death
3 ↑GLDN 3 1 Cellular Movement, Nervous System Development and Function, Cancer
4 ↑AADAC 3 1 Carbohydrate Metabolism, Cancer, Hepatic System Disease
  1. aGenes whose expression was either increased or decreased in Pkd1L 3/L 3mice as a function of age were identified by correlation analysis across four time points: 1,2, 3 and 3.5 weeks.