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Table 1 Primers used in this study

From: Biologically active fibroblast growth factor 1 tagged with various epitopes

No. for./rev. sequence site
#127 forward 5'-gta ata cga ctc act ata ggg-3' vector primer
#619 reverse 5'-acc ttc atc aga aga gac tgg cag-3' FGF1/3' + V5-(His)6/5'
#397 reverse 5'-cga gct cgg atc aga aga gac tgg cag-3' FGF1/3' + myc-(His)6/5'
#620 forward 5'-tct gat gaa ggt aag cct atc cct-3' FGF1/3' + V5-(His)6/5'
#301 reverse 5'-tag aag gca cag tcg agg-3' vector primer
#395 forward 5'-cca gtc tct tct gat ccg agc tcg gta cca-3' FGF1/3' + myc-(His)6/5'
#396 reverse 5'-gct ctA GAT CTt caa tga tga tga tga tga tgg tc-3' myc-(His)6/3' + Bgl II
#468 forward 5'-cag ccg CTC GAG a-3' Xho I + 3xFLAG-(His)6/5'
#469 reverse 5'-tgc GGG CCC tca a-3' 3xFLAG-(His)6/5' + Apa I
#466 forward 5'-ccg CTC GAG act aca aag acc atg acg gtg att ata aag atc atg aca tcg act aca ag-3' megaprimer/5'
#467 reverse 5'-tgc GGG CCC tca atg gtg atg gtg atg atg acc ctt gtc atc gtc atc ctt gta gtc ga-3' megaprimer/3'
#476 forward 5'-cgG AAT TCc cac cat gtc ccg ggg agc-3' EcoR I + FGF1/5'
#477 reverse 5'-ccg CTC GAG cat cag aag aga ctg gca g-3' FGF1/3' + Xho I
#117 forward 5'-tct tcc gat aga ctg cgt cg-3' FGF1
#537 reverse 5'-gaA GAT CTc ttc aat ggt gat ggt gat gat gac c-3' (His)6/3' + Bgl II
#178 reverse 5'-agc ccg tcg gtg tcc atg gc-3' FGF1
  1. Note that the capital letters indicate the recognition sequence of restriction enzymes.