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Table 2 Microarray meter dynamic range controls

From: Development and application of a microarray meter tool to optimize microarray experiments

Clone ID ng/hyb DNA pmol/hyb Cy5 pmol/hyb
ybbR 2.5 1.24E-02 2.96E-01
ybaQ 0.5 2.51E-03 3.97E-02
ycxA 0.1 5.00E-04 1.18E-02
ybaS 0.04 2.11E-04 4.41E-03
ybaF 0.02 1.08E-04 1.92E-03
ybdO 0.004 2.48E-05 4.62E-04
ybaC 0.0002 1.09E-06 2.11E-05
yacK 0 0 0
  1. A dilution series was prepared using the mass concentration of the control stock solutions. The amount of each target calculated as ng DNA, pmol DNA and pmol Cy5 per hybridization is listed.