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Figure 3

From: Whole genome amplification and its impact on CGH array profiles

Figure 3

Experiment 6: The two colour fluorescent dye signals are converted into intensity ratio profiles. The upper and lower ratio threshold is 1.2 and 0.8 respectively. A) Ideogram showing all chromosomes. Differences seen between a male ALL patient vs. male control (both non-amplified DNA) are illustrated. 7 duplicated and 3 deleted clones were detected. Bars to the right (blue) indicate gains and to the left (red) losses. B) Chromosome 4 ratio plot, one clone duplication at 4p15.3 and one clone deletion at 4q35.2 can be seen. C) Chromosome X ratio plot shows two duplicated clones at locations Xp21.1 and Xq25.

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