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Table 1 Explanation of which samples are analysed in the different experiments.

From: Whole genome amplification and its impact on CGH array profiles

Experiment # Description Amount of gDNA used in WGA reaction Yield of WGA products (wgaDNA)
Experiment 1 gDNA (Promega): Female pool vs. male pool   
Experiment 2 Female control: wgaDNA vs. gDNA 200 ng 2520 ng
Experiment 3 Female control: wgaDNA vs. gDNA 200 ng 3470 ng
Experiment 4 Male control: wgaDNA vs. gDNA 200 ng 3870 ng
Experiment 5 Male control: wgaDNA vs. gDNA1 200 ng 3900 ng
Experiment 6 Male ALL gDNA vs. male control gDNA2   
  1. wgaDNA is DNA amplified using GenomiPhi unless otherwise noted.
  2. 1 DNA is amplified using GenomePlex.
  3. 2 ALL patient, DNA extracted from whole blood.