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Figure 3

From: The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Brachypodium distachyon: sequence comparison and phylogenetic analysis of eight grass plastomes

Figure 3

Complete chloroplast genome phylogeny of the grasses. The phylogram was obtained from an exhaustive parsimony search and was the same to a topology obtained from a Bayesian analysis. The tree was rooted making maize, sugarcane, and sorghum the outgroup. Support for the nodes is shown as posterior probability after 1000000 generations and bootstrap values from 1000 repetitions. The GenBank accesions used for the analyses are X15901 (rice), EU325680 (Brachypodium), EF115543 (bentgrass), EF115541 (barley), X86563 (maize), AP006714 (sugarcane), EF115542 (sorghum), and AB042240 (wheat). The sequences were aligned and visualized using mVISTA [25]. MrBayes [14] and PAUP* [24] were used to analyze the data.

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