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Figure 2

From: The transcriptional cofactor MIER1-beta negatively regulates histone acetyltransferase activity of the CREB-binding protein

Figure 2

MIER1β inhibits CBP HAT activity. (A) Interaction between MIER1β and CBP1094–2441 expressed in HEK293 cells. Western blots of total extracts (panels i and ii) or anti-myc immunoprecipitates (panel iii) from nontransfected cells (lane 1) or cells co-transfected with plasmids encoding flag-tagged CBP1094–2441 and myc tag (lane 2) or myc-tagged MIER1β (lane 3). (B) HAT activity recovered from immunoprecipitates of nontransfected HEK293 cells (bar 1) or cells transfected with empty vectors (bar 2), myc-tagged mier1β (bar 3), flag-tagged cbp1094–2441 (bar 4) or flag-tagged cbp1094–2441 and myc-tagged mier1β (bar 5). In each sample, the total amount of DNA transfected was kept constant by including the appropriate amount of empty vector. HAT assays were performed as described in the METHODS and 14C-acetyl incorporation into H4 peptide was determined for each sample. Shown are the mean and standard deviation of four independent experiments.

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