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Figure 5

From: Quantification of circulating endothelial and progenitor cells: comparison of quantitative PCR and four-channel flow cytometry

Figure 5

Quantification of CEC and CEP in cancer patients and healthy controls. The content of CEC and CEP was determined by flow cytometry and qPCR in peripheral blood of patients with newly-diagnosed rectal cancer patients (n = 20), metastatic NSCLC patients (n = 25) and healthy controls (n = 30). Statistics were performed using the Kruskal Wallis H test. (A) Applying flow cytometry no difference was found concerning CEC/CEP detection in the peripheral blood of cancer patients and healthy controls. (Note the logarithmic scale.) (B) In comparison to healthy controls gene expression of endothelial cell markers CD34 and KDR was significantly elevated in patients with metastatic NSCLC but not in patients with newly-diagnosed localized rectal cancer patients. (* p < 0.05; bars indicate mean +/- SD).

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