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Table 2 Genes and primer sequences used for qPCR

From: Quantification of circulating endothelial and progenitor cells: comparison of quantitative PCR and four-channel flow cytometry

Gene Sequence Tm Assay range cycles Primer efficiency
EF1A (EEF1A1) For: 5-cacacggctcacattgca
86 12–30 98%
CD34 (HPCA1) For: 5-tccagagacaaccttgaagc
Rev: 5-cttcttaaactccgcacagc
85 18–32 100%
CD133 (PROM1) For: 5-ttgcggtaaaactggctaag
Rev: 5-tgggcttgtcataacaggat
81 20–36 100%
KDR (VEGFR2) For: 5-gtggggattgacttcaactg
Rev: 5-tgtgctgttcttcttggtca
85 17–35 98%
CD144 (CDH5) For: 5-ttcatgacgtgaacgacaac
Rev: 5-tccaccacgatctcatacct
89 17–35 84%