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Table 3 Immediate therapeutic and diagnostic interventions performed on the patient population

From: Characteristics of TIA and its management in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan

Initial management Frequency(%)
Percentage receiving any form of initial treatment 60.8
No immediate treatment 39.2
Initial aspirin 27.2
Other antiplatelet (Clopidogrel and Persantin) 12.7
Statins 1.9
Heparin 6.3
Low molecular weight heparin 8.2
Radiological diagnostic modalities Frequency(%)
One or more radiological diagnostic modalities 91.1
MRI 53.2
Carotid dopplers 47.5
MRA 41.8
CT Scan 27.2
Echocardiography 57.6
Initial counseling Frequency(%)
Documented counseling for smoking cessation 8.2