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Figure 1

From: Cellular phosphatases facilitate combinatorial processing of receptor-activated signals

Figure 1

Influence of Phosphatase knockdowns on BCR-dependent activation of signaling intermediates. Panel 'A' depicts the kinetics of phosphorylation of select intermediates in the BCR signaling pathway. Normalized phosphorylation profiles are represented here as a heat map with rows showing various siRNA knockdowns and columns showing different signaling intermediates whose phosphorylation were measured. The blown out region shows such profiles of PKD under all the knockdown conditions. The color bar shows relative magnitude of phosphorylation at individual time points. Panel 'B' shows cumulative area under curve calculated for activation profile of all the signaling molecules under individual knockdown condition (see text). Total area under activation curve as well as individual contribution of signaling intermediates varied across the siRNA knockdown conditions. The height of each bar gives the net strength of BCR signal generated (see text) following transfection of cells either with Mock, or individual phosphatase-specific siRNA. The colored regions within each bar identify the signaling intermediates examined, and the area of spread represents their proportional contribution to the net signal strength.

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