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Table 3 Characteristics of 18 S. aureus isolates containing lukS-lukF

From: The prevalence of antimicrobial resistance and carriage of virulence genes in Staphylococcus aureusisolated from food handlers in Kuwait City restaurants

Isolates Source Resistance pattern agr class cap type SE genes PFGE pattern
33N Nose Pc, Tc, Tp, Cd III 8 sea, sei A
78N Nose Mc, Pc, Km, Tc, Fd, Cd III 8 ND A
157N Nose Pc, Km, Sm III 8 Seg A
342N Nose Cd III 8 Sei A1
515N Nose Cd III 8 ND H
42N Nose Pc, I 5 seb, seh, sei B
46N Nose Pc, Sm I 5 seh, sei C
268N Nose Cd I 8 ND C
298N Nose Pc I 5 seh C
489N Nose Pc, Cd I 5 seh, sei. E
666N Nose Pc, Tc, Tp, Cd I 5 sec, seg, sei. G
9S Stool Pc, Tp, Fd III 8 sea, seh, sei A
10S Stool Pc, Tp III 8 sea, seg, sei A
58S Stool Pc, Tp, Cd III 8 sea, sec, seg, sei A
76S Stool None III 8 Seb D
4S Hand Cd III 8 ND F
515S Hand Pc, Tc, Cd III 8 seh, sei A
666S Hand Pc, Tc, Tp, Cd I 5 sec, seg, sei. B
  1. Abbreviations: Cd, cadmium acetate, Fd. fusidic acid. Km, kanamycin, Mc, methicillin, Pc, benzyl penicillin, Sm, streptomycin, Tc, tetracycline, Tp, trimethoprim, ND, not detected, agr, accessory gene regulator class, cap, capsular polysaccharide serotype type.