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Table 1 Cell line characteristics

From: Structure-activity relationship analysis of cytotoxic cyanoguanidines: selection of CHS 828 as candidate drug

Parental cell line Sub-line(s) Origin Selecting agent Proposed resistance mechanism
CCRF-CEM CEM/VM-1 Leukaemia Teniposide Topo II-associated
NCI-H69 H69/AR SCLC Doxorubicin MRP
RPMI8226/S 8226/Dox40 Myeloma Doxorubicin Pgp
  8226/LR5   Melphalan GSH
U-937 GTB U-937 Vcr Lymphoma Vincristin Tubulin-associated
ACHN - Renal   Primary resistant
  1. GSH = glutathione; Pgp = p-glycoprotein 170; SCLC = small-cell lung cancer; Topo II = topo-isomerase II MRP = Multidrug resistance associated protein