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Figure 2

From: BiGGEsTS: integrated environment for biclustering analysis of time series gene expression data

Figure 2

Biclustering and post-processing modules. This figure shows: (a) biclustering and (b) post-processing modules. The biclustering module is used to select the biclustering algorithm to be applied to the expression matrix. Additional extensions enabling shifted, anti-correlated and time-lagged patterns are available in CCC-Biclustering and e-CCC-Biclustering. Different types of errors are supported in e-CCC-Biclustering. The post-processing module enables the researcher to select and apply filtering and sorting techniques to groups of biclusters. Biclusters can be filtered by setting a threshold for the number of genes and/or conditions, size, average column variance, average row variance, mean-squared residue score, and overlapping percentage of genes and/or conditions. It is also possible to remove biclusters with constant or statistically non significant patterns. Biclusters may additionally be sorted using their best functional enrichment p-value, statistical significance of expression pattern, average column or row variance, mean-squared residue score and a number of other measures available for selection. Details on biclustering and post-processing techniques are described in the Quickstart Guide [see Additional file 2].

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