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Figure 5

From: BiGGEsTS: integrated environment for biclustering analysis of time series gene expression data

Figure 5

Term-for-term analysis and graph of enriched GO terms. This figure shows: (a) A summary of the results of the term-for-term analysis applied to a given bicluster. The list of genes annotated with GO term highlighted in blue is displayed at left. The GO terms highlighted in green correspond to highly significant terms. (b) A graph displaying the distribution of the biological terms in the ontology of GO terms. Enriched terms are colored in purple, yellow or green whether they specialize from cellular component, molecular function or biological process, respectively. The intensity of the color depends on the Bonferroni corrected p-value of the corresponding term: the lower the p-value, the more intense the color of its node. Arrows define specialization relations: each arrow goes from a more general term to its specialization(s).

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