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Table 3 Comparative analyses conducted with the Concentrated-Changes Test [9] in Arecaceae.

From: A comparative analysis of pollinator type and pollen ornamentation in the Araceae and the Arecaceae, two unrelated families of the monocots

Coding 1 P/V → B NS
  B → P/V NS
Coding 2 E → F NS
  F → E NS
  1. P-values obtained through a Fisher's exact test performed on the distribution of events with the coding 1 ('Psilate/Verrucate' (P/V) vs. 'Other Ornamentation' and 'Beetle' (B) vs 'Other Pollination') and the coding 2 ('Echinulate' (E) vs. 'Other Ornamentation' and 'Fly' (F) vs 'Other Pollination'). The results are given both when the character 'pollination type' depends on the 'ornamentation type' (P/V → B, E → F) and conversely (B → P/V, F → E) and only with ACCTRAN optmization (complete and detailed results in additional files 8 and 9). Polymorphic species were duplicated.