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Table 1 Survey items by domain: "My medical education prepared me to.."a

From: Survey of self-assessed preparedness for clinical practice in one Croatian medical school

Item Description
  Domain 1: Understanding Science
1. Understand the cellular basis of disease
2. Apply principles of basic science to clinical conditions
3. Justify drug uses on the basis of their mechanisms of action
4. Select drugs on the basis of their costs, risks and benefits
  Domain 2: Practical Skills and Patient Management
5. Record clinical data systematically
6. Carry out an efficient physical examination
7. Carry out basic ward procedures
     a. Recording blood pressure
     b. Inserting an intravenous line
     c. Digitorectal exam
     d. Inserting a urinary catheter
8. Carry out basic surgical procedures (eg, suturing)
9. Handle medical emergencies (eg, infarction, stroke, epilepsy status...)
  Domain 3: Holistic Care
10. Evaluate the impact of family factors on illness
11. Understand the interaction of social factors with disease (eg, poverty, unemployment)
12. Appreciate the importance of a patient's cultural/ethnical and religious background
  Domain 4: Prevention
13. Take a drug and alcohol history with an initial consultation
14. Encourage patients to improve their health habits (e.g., unhealthy food, obesity, smoking...)
15. Provide education to patients and families about prevention of disease
  Domain 5: Interpersonal Skills
16. Feel competent to tell a patient that they have a terminal illness
17. Deal with dying patients and their family
18. Feel competent to counsel a distraught patient
  Domain 6: Confidence/Coping Skills
19. Cope with stress caused by my profession
20. Balance my work and personal life
21. Remain calm in difficult situations
22. Approach confidently senior staff for help in interpreting investigations
  Domain 7: Collaboration
23. Be sensitive to the needs of nursing staff
24. Be able to coordinate a comprehensive patient management plan with other specialists and allied health professionals (eg, physiotherapists)
25. Appreciate the importance of group dynamics when working within a team environment
  Domain 8: Self-Directed Learning
26. Invest time in developing my knowledge and skills
27. Keep up to date with medicine
  1. a Summary of responses (%) within each item are presented in Figure 1.