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Figure 1

From: Heterologous production of human papillomavirus type-16 L1 protein by a lactic acid bacterium

Figure 1

Schematic representation of pCYT:L1 (A) and pSEC:L1 (B) plasmids. A DNA fragment encoding L1 (see Materials and methods) was fused in frame with a DNA fragment containing the Usp45 signal peptide (pSEC:L1), derived from the predominant L. lactis-secreted protein. In pCYT:L1, the fragment encoding SPUsp45 is absent. In these plasmids, L1 expression is controlled by the nisin-inducible promoter (P nisA ) and harbors the Usp45 ribosome binding site and the rho-independent trpA transcription terminator (ter) [10] for clone stability.

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