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Figure 2

From: A useful approach to total analysis of RISC-associated RNA

Figure 2

Size distribution of synthesized cDNA and categories of cDNAs isolated from HeLa cells. A: Size distribution pattern of synthesized cDNA. The amount and size distribution of cDNA were determined with the Bioanalyzer DNA 1000 Kit. The red line indicates cDNA synthesized from anti-Ago2 immunoprecipitates, while the blue line indicates that from control mouse IgG. B: Composition of isolated cDNA clones. The sequences of 91 clones were examined by BLAST search and categorized as mRNA, Alu RNA embedded mRNA, free Alu RNA, or hits in the genome. The percentage recovery of each categorized cDNA clone is shown. Alu RNA embedded mRNA (14.3%, not indicated in the figure) is included in the mRNA area (total 80%) and separated by a broken line.

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