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Figure 3

From: A useful approach to total analysis of RISC-associated RNA

Figure 3

Contents of miRNA and mRNA cDNA clones obtained from immunoprecipitates of miR-122- and GL3-transfected HepG2 cells. A: Contents of miRNA clones. 89 clones were analyzed for the miR-122-transfectant and 84 for the GL3-transfectant. Red bars show recovered miRNA clones originating from transfected nucleotides (upper figure; miR-122-transfected HepG2 cells, lower figure GL3-transfected HepG2 cells). B: Composition of RISC-associated polyA-containing RNA. The isolated cDNA clones were analyzed by BLAST search and classified into categories. The composition of each categorized RNA is shown (Upper figure: miR-122-transfected HepG2 cells, lower figure: GL3-transfected HepG2 cells). Alu RNA embedded mRNA is included in mRNA area. The percentages of Alu RNA embedded mRNA in the miR-122 and the GL3 transfectants were 10% and 19%, respectively.

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