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Figure 4

From: A useful approach to total analysis of RISC-associated RNA

Figure 4

Selection of target mRNA candidate for miR-122. A: List of cDNA clones with miR-122 seed match sequence in 3'UTR. All isolated clones were searched for the miR-122 target site by the miRNA target prediction program TargetScan 4.2, and the clones exhibiting context score percentiles (csp) are listed in the box. The left box shows the clones isolated from the miR-122-transfectant, and the right box shows those isolated from the GL3-transfectant. B: Enrichment of recovered cDNA clone containing miR-122 target site with high csp after miR-122 transfection. The numbers of cDNA clones with csp values for the miR-122 target site categorized as low (1–49), intermediate (50–79), and high (80–100) are shown separately. The blue bar shows the number of clones recovered from the miR-122 transfectant, while the purple bar shows those recovered from the GL3 transfectant.

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