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Figure 5

From: A useful approach to total analysis of RISC-associated RNA

Figure 5

Changes in mRNA level in total and Ago2-associated RNA after miR-122 transfection. Seventeen clones with high score percentile for the miR-122 target site (> = 40) were picked, and the mRNA levels in total and immunoprecipitated RNA were quantified by RT-PCR. In the figure, the ratios of the amount of mRNA in the miR-122-transfected cells to that in the GL3-transfected cells are shown. Blue bars indicate the ratio for Ago2-associated RNA, while purple bars show that for total RNA. The left panel shows the clones picked from the miR-122-transfected cells, and the right panel shows the clones picked from the GL3-transfected cells (See Figure 6A). The clones are aligned in order of height of context score percentile from the left, with the ratio for GAPDH inserted as a standard.

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