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Figure 4

From: Using the pea aphid Acrythociphon pisum as a tool for screening biological responses to chemicals and drugs

Figure 4

Aphid drug absorption: demography effects on the first and second generation of progeny. The plant leaf system was used to transfer chemicals into adult aphids (25 μM in 1.5 ml water) for 10 hours. Then the aphids were placed on a fresh plant. The progeny demography was counted for each larval stage at day 12. The second generation was also counted at day 12 due to the fact that a nascent embryo emerges in older embryos before birth (aphids are like "russian dolls" with three generations). Results are the mean+/-SE of three separated experiments. Br-cAMP and Br-cGMP versus control, p < 0,05 and Br-du versus control p < 0,005.

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