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Figure 2

From: Cloning and constitutive expression of Deschampsia antarctica Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase in Pichia pastoris

Figure 2

Determination of recombinant Cu/ZnSOD protein expressed by P. pastoris SMD1168H. Concentrated supernatant samples (6-fold) of the yeast culture incubated for 96 hours at 28.5°C were analyzed by 15% SDS-PAGE staining (left). Immunoblots were immunodecorated with Cu/ZnSOD specific antisera (right). Mw, molecular weight marker (Fermentas); pGAPZαA-SOD, supernatant of SMD1168H-pGAPZαA-SOD; pGAPZαA, supernatant of SMD1168H transformed with the empty vector (background expression). The arrows indicate bands of the secreted recombinant SOD protein.

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