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Table 2 Hydrogen bonding pattern of SD enzyme and SHK substrate. T. thermophilus values are shown in bold, Mtb SD K69A corresponding values are shown in italics.

From: The conserved Lysine69 residue plays a catalytic role in Mycobacterium tuberculosis shikimate dehydrogenase

SD residue SD Atom SHK atom H bond distance (Å)
Ser14/Ser18 O2 2.62/2.55
Ser16/Ser20 O2 2.72/2.73
Thr60/Thr65 Oγ 1 O11 3.28/3.22
Lys64/Lys69 O11 2.80/--
Lys64/Lys69 O12 3.10/--
Asn85/Asn90 Nδ 2 O12 3.15/2.93
  1. Atom numbering as [24]*.
  2. * O2 corresponds to carboxyl negative oxygen atom, O11 to hydroxyl oxygen bound to C3, O12 to hydroxyl oxygen bound to C4, and O7 to hydroxyl oxygen bound to C5, as depicted in Fig. 1.