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Figure 4

From: RNA pre-amplification enables large-scale RT-qPCR gene-expression studies on limiting sample amounts

Figure 4

Unbiased pre-amplification procedure. a/Cumulative distribution plot of the absolute difference in delta-Cq-values (delta-delta-Cq or ddCq) before and after pre-amplification for 194 genes (12 reference genes and 182 targets of interest) in 100% Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR) versus 100% Human Brain Reference RNA (HBRR) versus (25% UHRR + 75% HBRR) versus (75% UHRR + 25% HBRR). Each dot represents a ddCq-value between 2 samples before and after pre-amplification (in total 1164 data points). b/Three-dimensional representation of the ddCq (z-axis) versus the highest Cq-value amongst 4 values (2 replicates each of the 2 samples being compared before pre-amplification (Cq, max, NA: x-axis) and after pre-amplification (Cq, max, A: y-axis)). The lower the gene is expressed (high Cq-value), the higher the ddCq. Red dots: Cq, max, A - Cq, max, NA ≤ 2. Light blue dots: Cq, max, A - Cq, max, NA > 2; ≤ 5. Dark blue dots: Cq, max, A - Cq, max, NA > 5.

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