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Table 2 Non-covalent interactions between two ubiquitin monomers

From: Crystallographic structure of ubiquitin in complex with cadmium ions

Molecule A Molecule B  
Residue Atom Residue Atom Distance (Å)
Leu8 CD1 Gln40 NE2 3.23
Leu8 CD2 Gln40 OE1 3.99
Gln40 N Leu8 O 2.70
Gln40 OE1 Thr9 CG2 3.73
Gln40 NE2 Thr9 CG2 2.91
Arg42 NH1 Glu34 O 2.69
Arg42 NH1 Ile36 N 3.17
Arg42 NH2 Pro37 CD 3.38
Ile44 CG2 Leu71 CD2 3.44
Glu51 OE2 Lys11 NZ 3.19
Val70 CG1 Gln40 OE1 3.20
Val70 CG2 Gln40 NE2 3.69