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Table 3 Comparison of an average network with stable pattern formation(group I) against a network with a stable pattern and with expanded Hb domain (group II).

From: Inferring Drosophila gap gene regulatory network: pattern analysis of simulated gene expression profiles and stability analysis

Network Differences
θ m 1 m 2 dm t
hbhb 0.023993 0.020258 -0.00373504 0.0016962
bcdkni 0.0448947 -0.0123351 -0.0572298 2.85189e - 006
  1. The table summarizes the list of parameters that are significantly different (mean mi, difference between mean dm and their p-value from the T-test t. The parameter difference found between Group I and II are the strength of hb autoactivation and the activation/repression of kni by Bcd. [see Tab. S1 in Additional file 1, where networks diagrams are shown.]