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Table 4 Comparison of an average network with a stable pattern group (group II) against oscillatory pattern (group III).

From: Inferring Drosophila gap gene regulatory network: pattern analysis of simulated gene expression profiles and stability analysis

Network Differences
θ m 1 m 2 dm t
hbhb 0.0202833 0.023993 0.00370971 0.000132337
knihb -0.148545 -0.0960403 0.0525049 0.000899982
hbgt -0.00730634 0.000129385 0.00743572 0.00103439
bcdkni -0.000129675 0.0448947 0.0450244 0.000589936
  1. The table summarizes the list of parameters that are significantly different. Group II is stabilized by the over production of hb (activated by Gt). [see Tab. S2 in Additional file 1, where networks diagrams are shown.]