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Table 4 Cocktails used for selective PCR in AFLP.

From: Validation of phylogenetic signals in amplified fragment length data: testing the utility and reliability in closely related taxa

Selective Cocktail  
Reagent Quantity (μl)
5 pmol Labeled Selective Eco RI Primer 1.5
15 pmol Unlabeled Selective Mse I Primer 1.5
10 mM dNTP 3.0
Formamide 0.5
25 mM MgCl2 3.0
H2O 10.0
10× PCR Buffer 2.5
Taq DNA Polymerase 0.5
Total 22.5**
** Add 20 μl allows for pipetting error  
Reaction cocktails for selective PCR amplifications of the ligated DNA