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Table 1 Brucella isolates used in the study and the details of their geographical regions of origin.

From: Characterization of some Brucella species from Zimbabwe by biochemical profiling and AMOS-PCR

Field Brucella spp. Reference number (Year isolated) Specimen of origin Farm name (type) and geographical region of origin
B. abortus B1-2-2676 (1994)a Aborted foetus Mazowe (S), MC
B. abortus B4-11-438 (1998)a Aborted foetus Mhuri (S), MD
B. abortus B5(1999)b Hygroma Chinamhora (S), MSE
B. abortus B6-304 (1997)a Aborted foetus Pilosoff (C) MN
B. abortus B7-307 (1997)a Aborted foetus Chikurubi Prisons (C) MSE
B. abortus B8-2160 (1996)a Aborted foetus Greyling (C) MW
B. abortus B9-2260 (1996)a Aborted foetus Hensman (C) MW
B. melitensis B10-6419(1988)a Aborted foetus(goat) Muzarabani (S)MC
B. abortus B12-gl-55(?)a Aborted foetus (C), NE
B. abortus B14-(2005)b Milk Mulanjeni (S), MD
B. abortus B15-H-56(?)a Aborted foetus NE (C), NE
B. abortus B16-494-64 (?)a Aborted foetus NE (C), NE
B. abortus B20- (2006)b Milk Lulaka (S), MD
B. abortus B21-93-35 (?)a Aborted foetus NE (C), NE
Reference Brucella spp.    
B. abortus 1 544 - NVI
B. abortus 2 86/8/59 - NVI
B. abortus 3 Tulya - NVI
B. abortus 4 292 - NVI
B. melitensis 1 16M - NVI
B. melitensis 3 Ether - NVI
B. suis 1 1330 - NVI
B. suis 4 40 - NVI
B. canis RM-6/66 - NVI
B. ovis 63/290 - NVI
B. neotomae 5K-33 - NVI
  1. aObtained from the Central Veterinary Laboratory
  2. bObtained from the University of Zimbabwe
  3. (?) = Year of isolation not established, (S) = smallholder farm, (C) = Commercial farm, NE = not established, MC = Mashonaland Central province, MSE = Mashonaland East province, MD = Midlands province, MW = Mashonaland West province, MN = Matabeleland North province NVI = National Veterinary Institute, Norway