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Table 1 Co-infection with other bacteria, type of CFTR mutation and pancreatic insufficiency in patients with Sphingobacterium infection

From: Sphingobacterium respiratory tract infection in patients with cystic fibrosis

Strains Number of patients Co-infection with other bacteria CFTR mutation Number of patients with PI
S. spiritovorum 4 (3 Females/1 Male) P. aeruginosa (1 patient),
P. aeruginosa+S. maltophilia+S. aureus (1 patient),
P. aeruginosa+S. aureus (2 patients)
ΔF508 (2 patients),
ΔF508/Ot (1 patient),
Ot/Ot (1 patient)
S. multivorum 3 (2 Females/1 Male) P. aeruginosa+S. marcescens (1 patient),
S. marcescens (1 patient),
P. aeruginosa+S. aureus (1 patient)
ΔF508 (1 patient),
ΔF508/Ot (1 patient),
Ot/Ot (1 patient)
  1. Ot: Other;
  2. PI: pancreatic insufficiency