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Table 1 Themes within the coding system for both student and teacher interviews

From: Students' and teachers' perceptions of clinical assessment program: A qualitative study in a PBL curriculum

  Theme Description Codes
1 Summative assessment Codes on the effect of summative assessment on students' learning Provoking anxiety; stressful; sporadic reading; has no role; a waste of time; unfair; summative is mandatory and summative is fair
2 Formative assessment Codes on the effect of formative assessment on students' learning. Codes on the role of educational culture in students' learning and teachers' assessments Improve students' learning; affected by culture; time consuming; should not be overdone; fair; learning strategy improvement and problem identification. Formative assessment affected by culture; changing educational culture
3 Clinical attachment assessment (continuous assessment) Codes on the effect of continuous assessment and its weight on students' learning Should be given more weight; fair
4 Objectives Codes on the effect of objective-directed assessment and constructive alignment on students' learning Heavy; fair; content coverage; blueprinting; assessment weight