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Table 1 Potential hNaa10p phosphorylation sites predicted by ELM.

From: The protein Nα-terminal acetyltransferase hNaa10p (hArd1) is phosphorylated in HEK293 cells

Amino acid position #
(P-site in bold)
Peptide Sequence
(P-site in bold)
Predicted Kinase Phospho-site pattern*
186–189 SPPS CKI SXX([ST])
213–216 SEVS   
216–219 SETT   
228–231 SEAS   
131-134 S EVE CKII ([ST])XXE
189-192 S SGE   
180–186 (182) VES KGNS GSK-3 ([ST])XXX [ST]
184–190 (186) GNS PPSS   
203–209 (205) EDS GGDS   
207–213 (209) GDS KDLS   
216–222 (218) SET TEST   
225–231 (227) KDS SEAS   
229–235 (231) EAS DSAS   
149–155 (152) RDLT QMA PIKK XXX([ST])Q
111–117 (114) VRKS NRA PKA XRX([ST])
183–189 (186) KGNS PPS Proline-Directed kinase (e.g. MAPK) XXX([ST])P
  1. #Prediction of phosphorylation sites were performed using bioinformatic algorithm ELM, publically available at *CKI, CKII and GSK-3 may use acidic or a primed (pre-phosphorylated) residue at the indicated position relative to the phosphorylation site.