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Table 1 Comparison of copy numbers of 16S rDNA, beta-operon DNA, 16S rRNA, and beta-operon RNA

From: Characterization of copy numbers of 16S rDNA and 16S rRNA of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and the implication in detection in planta using quantitative PCR

Copy number Average SD
beta-operon DNA 130316.70 17022.84
16S DNA 410145.75 51623.13
beta-operon RNA 1517.15 972.17
16S RNA 3211824.58 1899947.61
16S DNA/beta-operon DNA 3.15 0.11
16S RNA/16S DNA 7.83 4.12
beta-operon DNA/beta-operon RNA 85.90 71.93
  1. Each citrus sample was divided into two Eppendorf tubes with 0.1 g each for DNA or RNA extraction and dissolved into 100 μl of water, respectively. 1 μl of DNA or RNA samples was used in either QPCR or QRT-PCR assays respectively. Totally, eight samples were used for calculation.