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Figure 3

From: A Tn5051-like mer-containing transposon identified in a heavy metal tolerant strain Achromobacter sp. AO22

Figure 3

Neighbour-joining distance dendogram of the amino acid sequences of transposases of the Tn 3 family. Bootstrap percentages (100 replicates) are shown to the left of the node being considered. Genbank accession numbers: pMOL30, YP_145631; Tn5051, CAC14696; Tn4378, YP_161722; Tn5075, AF457211; Tn3926, X14236; TnMERI1, AB022308; Tn1721, X61367; Tn917, M11180; Tn5422, L28104; Tn1546, M97297; Tn3, V00613.

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