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Figure 2

From: Recent developments in StemBase: a tool to study gene expression in human and murine stem cells

Figure 2

Pattern of expression. If a probe set behaves as a marker for a subset of samples in StemBase (that is, its level of hybridization is distinctively higher in that subset of samples than in the rest) its link in the "Pattern" column in Figure 1 will lead to details on this marker-pattern. These include a histogram (as displayed) indicating the number of samples versus hybridization for the samples with high and low expression of the gene, respectively. In this case, the probe set for gene Phc1 (1423212_at) exhibits high expression in murine embryonic samples, P19 embryonic carcinoma and osteoblasts (blue), and low expression in hematopoietic, bone marrow, skin, muscle, mammary and retinal stem cells and derivatives (red).

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