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Figure 1

From: Rosiglitazone: can meta-analysis accurately estimate excess cardiovascular risk given the available data? Re-analysis of randomized trials using various methodologic approaches

Figure 1

Effects of Rosiglitazone on Myocardial Infarction (MI, panel A) and Cardiovascular (CV) Death (panel B). This analysis includes only trials in which the sole difference between the intervention and control groups is rosiglitazone therapy. Compared to the original analysis [1], this excludes trials AVM100264, 49653/020, 49653/080, 49653/097, 49653/137, SB-712753/009, and ADOPT; it also excludes RECORD. For the 3-armed trials (49653/079, 49653/093, and SB-712753/007 [marked with an '*']), we include only the treatment and control arms differing by rosiglitazone alone. Trials are ordered and grouped as per Table 1 in the original meta-analysis [1]. Only trials with events are shown. Weight refers to the contribution of each study's odds ratio (OR) to the overall pooled OR. The center of the diamond indicates the pooled OR, and the width of the diamond reflects the size of the 95% confidence interval (CI). Abbreviations: CI – confidence interval; CV – cardiovascular; MI – myocardial infarction; n – number of patients with event in the intervention or control group; N – total number of patients in the intervention or control group; OR – odds ratio; RCT – randomised controlled trial.

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