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Table 2 Sequence specific oligonucleotide used for sequencing of HLA-A*02, B*46 and DRB

From: Identification of HLA-A*02-B*46 haplotype allele variant in Guangdong Han populations on the basis of PCR-SBT

Gene Names Primer Names Nucleotide sequence(5'-3') Tm° Position
HLA-A Exon 2 A5.9 2F 5'-TCG GGC (A/G)GG TCT CAG CC-3' 60 4934–4950a
  AEx2 2R 5'-CAC TCA CCG GCC TCG CTC TGG-3' 68 5222–5242a
HLA-A Exon 3 A5.10 3F 5'-GGG CTC GGG GGA C(C/T)G GG-3' 64 5438–5454a
  A3.4 3R 5'-GAG GCG CCC CGT GGC-3' 58 5762–5776a
HLA-B Exon 2 BEX 2F 5'-GGG CGC AGG ACC (T/C)G(A/G) GGA-3' 58 5602–5619b
  BEX 2R 5'-GGT CAC TCA CCG (G/T)CC TCG-3' 58 5272–5289b
HLA-B Exon 3 BEX 3F 5'-GGG GCC AGG GTC TCA CA-3' 58 5028–5044b
  BEX 3R 5'-CCC ACT GCC CCT GGT ACC-3' 62 4744–4761b
HLA-DRB1 Exon 2 21M13F 5'-TGT AAA ACG ACG GCC AGT-3' 54 -,*
  M13R 5'-CAG GAA AGA GCT ATG ACC-3' 54 -,*
  1. a, Numbering of the HLA-A sequence is from the GeneBank accession NT_007952
  2. b, Numbering of the HLA-B sequence is from the GeneBank accession NT_007592
  3. *, Numbering of the HLA-DRB1 sequence is from the reference 7 and