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Table 1 Sources of sequences used in this analysis

From: The evolution of Runx genes II. The C-terminal Groucho recruitment motif is present in both eumetazoans and homoscleromorphs but absent in a haplosclerid demosponge

Species Genome Database (URL) Version NCBI Acc. No.
S. purpuratus 2.1 NW_001330224
B. floridae 1.0 N.A.
H. robusta 1.0 N.A.
Capitella sp. I* 1.0 N.A.
L. gigantean 1.0 N.A.
T. adhaerens 1.0 N.A.
S. mediterranea 1.3.14 N.A.
A. queenslandica N.A. N.A.
O. carmela** N.A. N.A.
  1. The table identifies the genome project and assembly version from which each of the new sequences described here was obtained, as well as available NCBI genomic contig reference assemblies. The sequences and links to each locus on the respective genome browsers are provided in Additional File 2. N.A., not available. *Complete gene model obtained from raw contig sequence using GeneScan. **ESTs only.