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Table 2 Variables associated with respondents intention to recommend A(H1N1) pandemic vaccine*

From: Canadian family physicians' and paediatricians' knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding A(H1N1) pandemic vaccine

Variables OR 95% CI P value
Respondents intention to receive A(H1N1) pandemic vaccine 7.81 4.32-14.14 <0.0001
Belief§ that A(H1N1) pandemic vaccine will be well accepted by vaccinators 6.41 3.89-10.58 <0.0001
Belief§ that A(H1N1) pandemic influenza generate a significant economic burden in Canada 3.28 1.92-5.61 <0.0001
Being influenced by recommendations made by professionals associations when recommending new vaccines 2.32 1.15-4.68 0.02
Belief§ that A(H1N1) pandemic influenza vaccine will be safe 2.30 1.33-3.98 0.003
Belief§ that A(H1N1) pandemic influenza is a serious disease 2.12 1.25-3.57 0.005
Belief§ that seasonal influenza vaccines are very useful to protect children health 2.01 1.21-3.34 0.007
  1. * Multivariate analyses; OR = odds ratio; CI = confidence interval
  2. § Strongly agree, agree, somewhat agree