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Table 1 Correspondence of DFL patterns with neurological condition in the cervical region

From: Possible detection of cervical spondylotic neuropathy using Distribution of F-latency (DFL), a new neurophysiological parameter

Subject No. Subject identifier Age Pattern of DFL* Reported Clinical condition#
   Years Right Left Right Left
1 MF 25 B S Nor Nor
2 MJA 32 B D Nor CS
3 MM 29 S D Nor CS
4 OS 25 S S Nor Nor
5 SI 23 B S Nor Nor
6 SN 45 D B Pain Pain
7 AS 40 D B CS Nor
8 UK 28 D B CS Nor
9 MR 26 S B Nor Nor
10 RH 43 S S Nor Nor
  1. * S: Single peak; D: Clear double peak; B: Broad peak (with indication of double humps)
  2. # Nor: Normal; CS: Clinically diagnosed Cervical Spondylosis; Pain: Pain in shoulder, not consulted a medical practitioner yet